The end.

Like the previous post, I actually wrote this back in April.

Here we are, sitting in our hotel room back in Mexico City. Tomorrow we fly back to Melbourne with a healthy 10 hr stopover in LA which, naturally, we're thrilled about.

It's been a pretty incredible 7 or so months. It's crazy thinking back to swimming off the rocks in Sicily way back in September where it all started.

But it's time to get on with life again I suppose. This time back in Melbourne. Something in me still feels like we should be flying back to London but at the same time we're both excited about starting the next phase of our lives.

It's rare in life that you find yourself unemployed and homeless with enough cash in the bank account to head off on a long trip like we have - an opportunity I'm glad we didn't miss.

But truth be know, these increasingly old bones are pretty tired right now. I think we both feel like it's time to pull up stumps for a bit and settle down. It's also rare in life that your get such a clean break. We used to live an work in London where we lacked a sense of permanence in many ways. And now we're heading back to Melbourne in search of that permanence and getting on with being adults I suppose.

Does anyone need a website? I know a guy.

The end.
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